When I visited Simi Valley a couple of weeks ago for a couple of days to look for some housing, I stopped by my church’s photo project exhibit. They covered the story in the local paper (Ventura County Star) and snapped a pic of me while I was praying. Guess they needed an Asian face to fill their quota for diversity. 🙂

Kye Chung joins others at Discovery Church in prayer during the church’s Photo Project’s exhibit opening “Love God Love People.”

Church’s photo project exhibits creativity

About 80 people attended the opening of Discovery Church’s latest photography exhibit, featuring the theme “Love God Love People.”

Six main photographers were featured — Chelsea Dean with “Missions,” Todd Clark with “Worship,” Laura Milner with “Outreach,” Randy Jones with “Service,” Jamie Costea with “Faith,” and Stephanie Weir with “Creation.” Their pictures will stay up for three to four months.

Twelve other photographers were featured during the opening on Feb. 28.

“Anyone can send in pictures, they don’t have to be church members. We just want to be a place where artists can feel welcome,” said 27-year-old Laura Milner, creative director for Discovery Church’s photo project. “Five out of the six featured photographers go to Discovery, but one of them doesn’t and several of the contributing photographers from the 32 photos don’t go to Discovery either.”

Photography is Milner’s passion and she began this exhibit series with Ben Kolarcik, the former worship pastor.

One of the featured photographers is the lead pastor and founding member of the church, Todd Clark. Photography is one of his other pastimes and he is pleased to offer a place for his congregation and others to exhibit their creativity.

Rita Clark, the pastor’s mother was visiting from Sacramento and enjoying the photography.

“Of course I love the one of the girl jumping at the cross. That’s my granddaughter,” Clark said of her son’s photo “Worship.” “So naturally that’s special to me. I think this exhibit is really so wonderful. Pictures say so much about people’s faith, their personalities, their lives. It’s a sweet way to capture it.”

Church member Carol Quina of Simi Valley was particularly taken with Chelsea Dean’s photo titled “Missions,” with a caption beside it explaining that the photographer had spent a month with tribal Muslims and found something beneath the stereotypes of the religion. “I like what the photographer said about getting past the stereotypes and showing God’s love to whomever.”

Church member Clint Lovinger, of West Hills, said, “The photos are awesome. They’re very inspiring. I love the one with the cross (Worship).”

Kellie Dietz, 17, was very excited about the exhibit. “I think it’s beautiful. The artwork really connects together. The theme really fits with ‘Love God Love People.’ They worked very hard on this for a long time. I’m really touched by the photo called ‘Faith,’” she said, pointing to the picture of the two toddlers kissing, one bald with cancer. “It really shows we have a lot to be grateful for and it really shows people loving each other no matter what, in any circumstance. It’s an inspiration. It’s a beautiful photo. I’ve become very inspired coming here and I’ve asked Laura if I can take pictures for the next showing.”

The church will be seeking out the next exhibit’s photographers in April for the May exhibit. Those interested in showing their work can contact Milner through the church website contact page at www.discoverychurch.com.

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