Bill Hybels

Preaching has been the single most vexing activity that I’m engaged in Christian work. Nothing beats me up or puts me on my knees for longer periods of time, frustrates me more, or creates a greater feeling of dependency on God than preaching and teaching.

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How Andy Stanley & Tim Keller Preach w/Non-Believers in Mind

This is a great article from two of my favorite preachers. They are very different and yet this article shows how they are similar in what I am passionate about (unchurched).

Here are some suggestions on how to engage the lost people listening to you preach.
1. Acknowledge and welcome the non-believers in attendance.
2. Assume the non-believers in attendance need help in approaching the Bible.
3. Challenge non-believers to engage the Bible by acknowledging the oddity of Christian belief and practice.
4. Use cultural commonalities to point out worldview inconsistencies.

Check it out!

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