Praying for Others … There’s an App!

Has anyone asked you to pray for them and you forgot? As a pastor, there are many that people that ask for prayer and also as a pastor, I feel the burden to pray for people. But at the same time, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Years ago, I remember feeling this burden and wanting to be better at praying for people, and so I remember creating an Excel spreadsheet.  The top columns were the days of the week and the rows were the different people that I wanted to pray for, organized by category (family, friends, church, missionaries, etc.). That worked well, as finally I had a system to keep track of people I’m praying for. But over time, it was hard to keep it updated, as I would have to make changes on the computer and then print it out over and over.

Well, about 6 months ago, I found an app on my phone called “Prayer Notebook” where it would keep track of the people that I pray for.  But it would really take it to the next level.  Things like being able to text them right after I prayed for them, letting them know, to alerting me at a specific time to be reminded to pray for something, it is an amazing little app.

Look at all the features from this little Prayer Notebook app:

  • Focus on intentional prayer with Prayer Mode
  • Group prayers into categories
  • Subscribe to prayer feeds to get new prayers daily
  • SMS or email contacts when you have prayed for them
  • Tweet what you are praying for
  • Schedule prayers daily, weekly, or for a specific day
  • Set an alert for prayer requests to remind you to pray
  • Mark prayer requests as answered
  • Password protect your prayers

Download it now on your iPhone … it’s the best $1.99 you’ll ever spend.

How do you keep track of your prayer requests and pray for people?

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My Twitter Birthday

So, exactly 6 years go, I started using Twitter and I had no idea how addicted I would be to it. I got on it pretty early as I’m an early adopter on many services that I got a three letter twitter handle (@ksc). Most of the time it’s great, except when there’s something happening at the Kennedy Space Center (@KSC), and then my mentions on twitter goes crazy. 🙁

As I reflect on how I’ve used Twitter in the past 6 years, it has not only kept me connected with friends and met new ones, but really been a place where I’ve been challenged, encouraged and learned so much from the people I follow. The best way I can explain Twitter is that it’s all about influence. I have been influenced by those I follow and I am able to influence those who follow me. Through this medium, I’m able to learn from people who I would never had access to and I’m able to influence people who I’ve never even met. That’s amazing.

As I celebrate my Twitter birthday today, another interesting fact is that Twitter was actually born on the day I was born. We share the same birthday. I knew I felt a connection to Twitter. 🙂

Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post about a conversation he had with a friend about Twitter, who was skeptical about it.

He finally blurted out, “It just seems like a huge waste of time. I don’t need one more inbox to check. I can barely keep up with what I have now.”

I said, “Buddy, you’re completely missing it.”

“Missing what?” he said, defensively.

“The potential.”

“What potential?” he asked emphatically.

“It’s not about what you get out of it,” I said. “It’s about the opportunity it affords you to give to others and make an impact.”

“Excuse me,” he muttered.

“Twitter is an opportunity for you to lead in a way that was not possible until now.” I explained.

“As you and I both teach, when you boil it down, leadership is influence. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” he acknowledged.

“Leadership is not about position, a title, or status. It is about influence. Plain and simple. I know you believe that, too, right?”


I continued, “If that’s true, then Twitter provides an unprecedented opportunity for people like us to extend and amplify our influence. You don’t have to buy time on television or radio. You don’t have to write a book or magazine column. You don’t even have to blog,” I went on.

“All you have to do is write short 140 character micro-posts about what you are doing or—more importantly—what has your attention right now.”

I could almost hear his brain shift into a different gear. “You and I both know that people today crave leadership. They are dying for role models. They want to see what good leadership looks like—as it is lived out in the challenges of everyday life.”

I continued, “If you are living your life on-purpose, like I know you are, then by Twittering, you are modeling something worth emulating. This is unquestionably the most powerful way to lead.”

“Hmm.” I could hear the flicker of possibility in his voice. I knew this was resonating with him. But then he countered, “But you just can’t lead by Twittering.”

“I agree. I am not suggesting that you can. It is simply one tool in your leadership toolbox—but a very powerful one. Twitter is like an influence amplifier. It enables you to extend your influence in ways never before possible.”

We continued to chat about this for several more minutes. He finally said, “Wow! Maybe there’s more to Twitter than I thought. How do I get started.”

How do you use Twitter?

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Emily’s Swing in Slow Motion

So, Emily’s softball season is about to begin (tomorrow night!). She’s been playing for about 5 seasons now in Texas and California. She’s been blessed to have some great coaches, who volunteer their time and work on them. In fact, this season, Emily has 3-4 days out of the week where she has practices and games #fulltimechauffeur.

It’s also great that technology is used to help her get better. This is a video of her coach encouraging and correcting her swing. Last week, I took her to her normal batting practice where she has 1-on-1 time with the coach, and after the session, he took his iPad out and recorded her swing.  That night, I got this video. Wow, that’s awesome!


You see the coach knows that feedback and encouragement is necessary for growth. That’s true in everything that we do. I thought about that in my world. As I have the privilege of creating and designing our Sunday services with our team, it’s a reminder that we need to continue in evaluating to grow and get better.  That’s why every week, we go into much detail (sometimes painful detail) in how Sunday went. That’s why we evaluate every event and celebrate the wins in every program.  That’s why, even though it’s very painful for me, I watch myself on video of me preaching … so that I can grow. Because it makes a difference in getting better. Because our God desires the best.

As I take a step back and see Emily play, I’m amazed at how she’s just gotten better and better. And even though I can be my worst critic, I know that God’s using everything to grow me and what I get to be a part of.

How do you evaluate and get better at what you do?

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My Current Homescreen

So, people always ask me what I think the best apps are on the iPhone.  Well, it’s definitely ever changing, so I think the best way to share what my current favorite apps are, is to share my homescreen … after all, those are the apps that I use the most!

So, here we go:


Fantastical – The best replacement for Calendar. The UI is excellent as it addresses all the frustrations I had with the built-in Calendar. The list view of events with the days on top is killer and the gestures on it is pretty cool too. I also love Fantastical on my Mac.

Google Maps (Free) – Yes, I’ve replaced the Apple Maps app with Google Maps. I actually like both and never really had an issue with the built-in Maps. But, I really like the look of the new Google Maps and everything is synced with my desktop.

Rdio (Free) – I barely have any music on my iPhone because I stream everything from Rdio. It’s a great investment to help you discover new music and keep current.

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