Near Death Experience

Years ago, I had a near-death experience. I went to my first spinner class at my gym. And in this class when I walked in, I don’t know if I was more intimated by this reputable instructor that I’d heard about, or by all of the estrogen in the room. When I started this spinner class and sat on the bike, there’s a knob called the resistance knob. And all throughout the 60 minutes (that felt like forever and a day), she’s yelling and screaming to add MORE resistance. In fact the whole class is about adding and removing resistance, even though for me it was more removing than adding. And unfortunately, it was hard for me to hide it because my resistance knob squeaked and everyone could hear when I was turning my resistance down. But, the instructor and all of us in the class knew, that when we had the most resistance, was when we were growing stronger and building perseverance. There was one point in the class where she had us turn up the resistance all the way for 30 seconds and go as hard as we could. As she was counting us down and we finally got to 0, she said, “Before you touch that knob and turn down the resistance, right there, do you feel that?” And all the ladies in the room said with a deep tone, “Yes!” and I said softly with my voice cracking, “Yes?”. “That right there is your muscle getting stronger.”

I never forgot that. I wonder through the storm, when you are going through your trials, that God is saying the same thing. That when it hurts, that He is saying, right there, your faith is getting stronger. Your confidence in Me is getting stronger. And the proper response is to ask for wisdom to see as God sees.

You see, God’s priority in your life is not so much to change your circumstances as much as it is for the circumstances to change you. So, instead of looking at your circumstances, you got to look at yourself. When these storms come, you’ve got to ask, “Lord, what do you want to work? What are you calling to attention in my life? What is it in me that you want to grow?” Now, this is not to trivialize our pain and our suffering and bypass whatever grief or mourning we might go through. But, it is to put it into proper perspective in that God is still in control. He knows best. And He’s has you in His perfect Fatherly care. Dr. Charles Stanley says, “God takes full responsibility for the one fully devoted to Him.” And so, as long as you are fully devoted to Him and keep your eyes fixed on Him, He will take full responsibility of you and you can hold Him to that!


  1. You don’t need a spinner class. Just volunteer on Tuesday or Thursday Morning and you will get stronger, feel a lot closer to God, and your faith will be stronger

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