Have You Noticed?

Have you ever noticed …

When ANOTHER person ignores you, he is rude. When YOU ignore him, you are preoccupied with something more important.

When ANOTHER person is set in his ways, he is stubborn. When YOU are set in your ways, you are being consistent and following your convictions.

When ANOTHER person doesn’t like one of your friends, he is prejudiced or showing favoritism. When YOU don’t like one of their friends, you are a good judge of character.

When ANOTHER person is mild-mannered, he is weak. When YOU are mild-mannered, you are gracious.

When ANOTHER person says what he thinks, he is opinionated and raw. When YOU say what you think, you are being authentic and real.

When ANOTHER person speaks to you about your pride, he is being arrogant and judgmental. When YOU speak to another person about her pride, you are being helpful and godly.

Is this convicting anyone else? (Matthew 7:1-5)

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