You might not know, but I was actually born in Japan (Yokohama). My mother was also born in Japan, even though she was from Korea and my father was studying in Japan at the time I was conceived and born. My grandmother, uncle and aunt still live there … we’ve heard from them and they are all okay. I have a close friend that’s a full-time missionary there, and they are okay too. 

But I know that there are many that are not okay, and with the death tolls rising every day and watching videos like these, the same questions surface again and again … “why?” I don’t think we can ever get beyond that question. But it is a constant reminder that the world is not right and we are in desperate need of a Savior. My prayer for Japan has been that this would be a time where a nation that has built itself on independence would see this as a reminder that we all need help. And as the world rally’s around this great tragedy, that they will be one step closer to knowing that Jesus is the only one that can save us.

Lord, have mercy … show Yourself strong … be the Light in this dark country that is in desperate need of You.

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