Favs This Week #4


Empathy is feeling the feelings of another w/o trying to solve or fix them. – @LeadershipFreak

It is a good rule never to look into the face of a man in the morning until you have looked into the face of God. – C.H. Spurgeon – @NickyGumbel

Thanksgiving and worry can’t occupy the same space … You can’t worry if you’re giving thanks. – Matt Chandler – @jkimlcop

A deep soul notices, questions and doesn’t just go through the motions. It lives in awareness of eternity, not simply today. #SoulKeeping – @JohnOrtberg


The Secret to Finding Your Own Voice – Leadership Freak

“The voice in your head is someone else, who sounds like you. Don’t trust it.”

3 Reasons You Should Learn From People Different Than You – Gavin Adams

“The breadth of your learning will influence the depth of your learning.”

One of the Best Ways to Discover How You’re Really (Honestly) Doing As A Leader – Carey Nieuwof

“The quiet outside often reveals the disquiet inside … It is easier to stay busy than it is to stay honest with ourselves.” // So good!


How I Use Launch Center Pro – A pretty geeky iPhone app that is pretty powerful.

You’re Doing Twitter Wrong – Another ingenious Tripp and Tyler video.

The Company at Vibe 2014 – This is next level dancing … it almost seems fake. If they got 2nd place, can’t imagine what 1st place looked like!


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