Favs This Week #3


Public giftedness can propel you to prominence long before private character can handle it. Let others speak into your life. – @EdStetzer

Criticism says: I know I can do ___ better than you did. Constructive criticism says: I know you can do ___ better than you did. – @adkinstom

Only you have complete access to your own selfishness, and only you have complete responsibility for it. – @TimKellerNYC

“Forgiveness allows us to leverage the lessons from the past without having to carry around the luggage of the past.” #StartingOver – @AndyStanley


Plan or Perspective – Radical Mentoring

Maybe prayer isn’t about planning but about perspective. “God might not always answer our prayer with a plan but He will give us perspective.”

Top 10 Habits of Leaders Who Effectively Guard Their Hearts – Carey Nieuwhof

Guarding your heart in leadership and in life is probably one of the most important things you can do … because it’s not about competency, it’s about character.

Latest Free Infographic Templates and Elements – The Neo Design

I LOVE Infographics … I think it’s because I love design and I love statistics … it’s the collision of numbers and art.


Introducing Face2Face – brand new technology from Apple?!?!?

Oceans – lyric video of Oceans from Hillsong

Omnifocus 2 – I’ve been using the new Omnifocus 2 in beta and now it’s finally available. Here’s a video highlighting the new stuff.


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