Praying for Others … There’s an App!

Has anyone asked you to pray for them and you forgot? As a pastor, there are many that people that ask for prayer and also as a pastor, I feel the burden to pray for people. But at the same time, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Years ago, I remember feeling this burden and wanting to be better at praying for people, and so I remember creating an Excel spreadsheet.  The top columns were the days of the week and the rows were the different people that I wanted to pray for, organized by category (family, friends, church, missionaries, etc.). That worked well, as finally I had a system to keep track of people I’m praying for. But over time, it was hard to keep it updated, as I would have to make changes on the computer and then print it out over and over.

Well, about 6 months ago, I found an app on my phone called “Prayer Notebook” where it would keep track of the people that I pray for.  But it would really take it to the next level.  Things like being able to text them right after I prayed for them, letting them know, to alerting me at a specific time to be reminded to pray for something, it is an amazing little app.

Look at all the features from this little Prayer Notebook app:

  • Focus on intentional prayer with Prayer Mode
  • Group prayers into categories
  • Subscribe to prayer feeds to get new prayers daily
  • SMS or email contacts when you have prayed for them
  • Tweet what you are praying for
  • Schedule prayers daily, weekly, or for a specific day
  • Set an alert for prayer requests to remind you to pray
  • Mark prayer requests as answered
  • Password protect your prayers

Download it now on your iPhone … it’s the best $1.99 you’ll ever spend.

How do you keep track of your prayer requests and pray for people?


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