New Narnia Advanced Screening

Went to an advanced screening of the new Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was actually pretty good. There were so many great C.S. Lewis quotes in the movie. In fact, before the movie started, the CEO of Walden Media came out and talked about his love for C.S. Lewis and how he is a Lewis purist. He answered questions about the movie as well as I think it was my favorite one of the Narnia films and it inspired me to read the Chronicles of Narnia (again).

The interesting thing of the night was that they said no cell phones were allowed because this was a private screening. So, I had to take my cell phone and put it in the car for the whole movie. Wow, did I feel naked. It’s amazing how depended I’ve become and enslaved I am to my iPhone. I had to ask the person next to me what time it was … when was the last time I did that? I had no concept of time and felt so disconnected to the world. Is this a good thing? It was a good reminder that I can survive without it. Of course, what’s the first thing that I did when I went to my car? 🙂

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