Praying for Others … There’s an App!

Has anyone asked you to pray for them and you forgot? As a pastor, there are many that people that ask for prayer and also as a pastor, I feel the burden to pray for people. But at the same time, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Years ago, I remember feeling this burden and wanting to be better at praying for people, and so I remember creating an Excel spreadsheet.  The top columns were the days of the week and the rows were the different people that I wanted to pray for, organized by category (family, friends, church, missionaries, etc.). That worked well, as finally I had a system to keep track of people I’m praying for. But over time, it was hard to keep it updated, as I would have to make changes on the computer and then print it out over and over.

Well, about 6 months ago, I found an app on my phone called “Prayer Notebook” where it would keep track of the people that I pray for.  But it would really take it to the next level.  Things like being able to text them right after I prayed for them, letting them know, to alerting me at a specific time to be reminded to pray for something, it is an amazing little app.

Look at all the features from this little Prayer Notebook app:

  • Focus on intentional prayer with Prayer Mode
  • Group prayers into categories
  • Subscribe to prayer feeds to get new prayers daily
  • SMS or email contacts when you have prayed for them
  • Tweet what you are praying for
  • Schedule prayers daily, weekly, or for a specific day
  • Set an alert for prayer requests to remind you to pray
  • Mark prayer requests as answered
  • Password protect your prayers

Download it now on your iPhone … it’s the best $1.99 you’ll ever spend.

How do you keep track of your prayer requests and pray for people?

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Leading Up …

Most leaders will spend most of their time leading those who are "under" them (i.e. direct reports). But what about your boss? How do you lead up? If we want to be a 360 leader, we have to not only learn and grow from all directions, but we have to lead in all directions as […]

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My Twitter Birthday

So, exactly 6 years go, I started using Twitter and I had no idea how addicted I would be to it. I got on it pretty early as I’m an early adopter on many services that I got a three letter twitter handle (@ksc). Most of the time it’s great, except when there’s something happening […]

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Sense of Entitlement

How do you feel about kids sports these days? Especially at the lower levels, everyone gets trophies, you swing until you hit the ball and you don’t keep score.  Correction, parents keep score, there’s just no score on the scoreboard.  I’ve wondered what this does to our kids and what it teaches them. Tim Elmore […]

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How to Grill Brazilian BBQ

So, one of our signature dinners that we make when we have people over, especially a large group, is Brazilian BBQ. That’s because it’s very easy to make and it’s a hit EVERY single time.  In fact, almost every time, people ask me how to make it, and so about 4 years ago, I made […]

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What Discovery Church is to Me …

Today, I start my 3rd year here at a Discovery Church. What a ride it’s been. It’s also comes at a great time where we just celebrated one of our largest Easter weekend on our campus! Wow, God is truly gracious! As I reflect on my time here at Discovery, I am grateful for: working […]

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Why Organizations Are So Afraid to Simplify

Read a great article by Ron Ashkenas on Harvard Business Review and it has great insights for the church as most churches have so many different programs and events. That’s because the gravitational pull for a church is to become more complex over time, to offer more entry points for people. But the byproduct of […]

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Participation Without Involvement Breeds Cynicism

We all have a gravitational pull toward cynicism to the things that we are "a part of" and I believe Regi Cambell identifies why: To watch this principle in action, go to any homeowners association meeting. Whether you like them or not….whether you agree with them or not…those people involved in leadership who put in […]

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Be a Coach to Your Children

As my kids get older (oldest a teenager) and my role as a parent changes, this article was super helpful for me and my wife. I hope it is for you as well: I’m sure that as you look around you see other families who have rather interesting relationships with their kids. Some parents seem […]

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Drive Conference 2013

I went to the first ever Drive Conference at North Point Community Church in 2005. Since, then I believe I’ve only missed one Drive Conference and have attended all the other ones. I was going to miss this year as well, but because they offered the online experience for the first time, I was able […]

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